Introducing Improved NEM Automatic Withdrawals: Faster and More Reliable

Experience the enhanced NEM automatic withdrawals, now faster and more reliable, for effortless cryptocurrency transactions. is one of our first websites. We launched it on February 2018. Since then the NEM currency (XEM) has declined from being among the top 20 Crypto currencies in the world - to being outside the top 100 currencies (according to CoinMarketCap).

As a result, the support for the technology that backs NEM has declined accordingly, and many XEM nodes are simply not working or are very costly to use likewise.

What does it mean to you?

Not much, simply because you can still get paid from the site normally. However, the only major difference to note is that we cannot support withdrawals with MEMO. Hence, we advise you to use a proper NEM wallet (NOT on an exchange) in order to receive XEM from us - then you can use or convert that XEM to any other crypto coins.

Where can I get an NEM wallet?

You can use many kinds of wallets, for instance Atomic Wallet supports NEM and it will generate an address for you without a MEMO. The wallet allows you to exchange the XEM to so many other crypto coins, or simply store them and more. Other alternatives such as offer similar wallets as well. There are plenty of good wallets out there still available, so choose the one you like and simply use it to get paid from us.

What are the good news about this change?

Previously we had a minimum threshold of 50 XEM and withdrawals had to be processed in a slow pace, due to errors generated from our XEM node. Now the threshold has been reduced to 10 XEM only! In addition, withdrawals are processed fast without delays, and we hope you would like the site much more than before.

This article was posted on the 27th of June 2022.